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UCI- An Upcoming Healthcare Hub

B2A’s Featured School of the Month - March

Every month Berkeley2 Academy is going to feature a different school for our students to look into! We are going to kick off March with the University of California Irvine (UCI). Lots of you are interested in applying to UC schools, but for many it is hard to figure out which of these schools would be a good fit. Today, we are going to talk about some highlights that UCI has to offer its students!

Why University of California Irvine?

UCI’s mission is “to catalyze the community and enhance lives through rigorous academics, cutting-edge research, and dedicated public service.” Basically, if you are looking for a school that values intellectual pursuits, research, and public service, then UCI could be a great fit for you!

UCI offers 87 undergraduate degree programs, as well as 59 master's; an M.D., Ed.D. and J.D.; and 46 Ph.D. programs. UCI is considered to be very selective- most admitted students graduated in the top 10% of their class. Additionally, UCI’s faculty includes Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners. Many of UCI’s programs are highly ranked according to US News & World Report:

  • Ranked #36 for National Universities

  • Ranked #30 in Business Programs

  • Ranked # 28 in Computer Science

  • Ranked #31 in Nursing

  • Ranked #42 in Undergraduate Engineering Programs

  • Ranked #9 in Top Public Universities

  • Ranked #35 in Best Law Schools

If you are hoping to spend your college years immersed in research, UCI has multiple research opportunities on campus. This includes opportunities specific to undergraduate students! The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) helps students find research opportunities on-campus with UCI faculty or off-campus opportunities with industrial partners, national labs, and other universities. UROP makes it possible for students to fund their on-campus research through grants. In fall 2021, UROP awarded over $285,000 to 461 proposals, selecting 1,041 students as UROP Fellows.

Is campus culture and location important to you?

UCI’s campus is absolutely breathtaking. The campus layout was designed around Aldrich Park, with the park seated in the center of campus, and the undergraduate schools surrounding it. Students may enjoy a stroll through the scenery between classes along the main circular path known as the Ring Road. Click here to take a look for yourself!

And if you are looking for a campus near the beach, then look no further. UCI campus is located in the heart of Orange County. Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the famous Laguna Beach are all situated within a half hour drive from campus. So you can take some time to catch some waves and get a tan after class!

Additionally if you are looking to join a campus that provides a physically active/energizing environment then consider becoming a UCI Anteater. Students and faculty on campus encourage one another to excel. The UCI Anteaters have won over 28 national championships in 9 different sports! In total they have 18 Division One teams. That is not all, UCI students have shattered six world records including:

  • Largest game of two-team dodgeball in 2010 with 1,745 students

  • Largest game of two-team dodgeball in 2011 with 4,488 students

  • Largest game of two-team dodgeball in 2012 with 6,084 students

  • Largest water pistol fight in 2013 with 3,875 students

  • Largest pillow fight in 2014 with 3,813 participants

  • Largest game of capture the flag in 2015 with 2,888 people.

If you thrive on good-natured competition, then UCI may be a perfect fit for you. Don’t forget to shout “Zot!” as you cheer on your teammates.

Thinking of pursuing a pre-med track?

Calling all STEM students! On February 15, 2022, UCI launched the Institute of Precision Health which combines health sciences, engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, clinical genomics, and data science to deliver the most effective health and wellness strategy for individuals. The Institute of Precision Health seeks to challenge health equity and the high cost of health care while placing the patient at the center and in control. Precision medicine collects patient data, computer algorithms, and artificial intelligence, to develop personalized treatment and lifelong health maintenance plans. This individualized patient approach may change the traditional healthcare approach which was based on what is thought to be best for groups of patients. Students who are frustrated with how ineffective current healthcare approaches are will find their niche at UCI in ushering in new, modern practices in medicine!

And that is not all that UCI is doing to stand out from other universities when it comes to healthcare! UCI previously announced in September of 2021, plans to open a $50 million health science facility called the Falling Leaves Foundation Medical Innovation Building in the year 2024. At 200,000 square-feet, the facility will be the largest research facility on UCI’s campus and one of the largest in the US. Professor Robert A. Mah and Dr. Adeline Yen Mah established the Falling Leaves Foundation in 2007 with the mission to promote research and understanding of recent advances in medical science. Laboratories in the building will be used for groundbreaking research on health issues, cancer, drugs, and neuroscience.

Interested in Business?

UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business is ranked in the top 30 business schools in the US for a reason. It has plenty to offer students. For instance, The Beall Applied Innovation’s Student Startup Fund provides microgrants to students engaged in UCI’s entrepreneurial programs, centers, and competitions. The fund helps cover up to $1000 in expenses to further develop entrepreneurial start-ups for students and recent alumni. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you should explore more about this Fund and all that Paul Merage School of Business has to offer!

How can I stand out from other students applying to UCI?

Since all UC schools no longer use standardized testing scores to determine admissions, it is important now more than ever, to work extra hard on your admissions materials. Since UCI values research and public service, these are two areas of your resume you should intentionally build upon.

  • For research, plan ahead and apply to summer research programs, reach out to professors to work with them individually, or conduct your own research project about a burning question you have!

  • In terms of public service, find a cause in your community, state, country, or beyond that you are passionate about dedicating time to. You could join a community group, nonprofit, or create your own volunteering opportunities to address an issue you care about.

B2A is here to help!

If you are interested in applying to UCI or any other school, a Berkeley2 Academy counselor can help recommend ways to stand out from other applicants with your admissions materials! We offer 1:1 counseling services for students to receive professional guidance and/or feedback on their application materials.

Our Steps Program for high students grades 9th-11th, is a college admission counseling program that will help you get a head-start on planning for college admissions. You will meet with an experienced college counselor who will help you step-by-step in sculpting an outstanding academic and extracurricular resume. Our counselors provide 1:1 guidance on course selection, GPA management, internship placement, extracurricular selection, and more.

Our Gateway program for high school seniors is designed to guide students through college admissions with a designated Gateway counselor. You'll plan and work on your applications and essays with someone who manages your entire college admissions strategy. Not only that, you'll get additional guidance from essay specialists and other counselors in classroom-setting workshops.

Click here for more information and to set-up an appointment with a B2A counselor today!


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