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Plan every detail of your college admissions application. Set yourself apart from the competition with your own admissions strategy!


This is the ultimate, all-inclusive college admissions program designed to help you strategize and finish applications for 5 colleges with a trusted Gateway Counselor by your side.

The name says it all: this all-inclusive college admission counseling program is your gateway to admission at your dream college! This is our most popular college admission counseling service and has helped numerous students each year obtain that coveted acceptance letter from Ivy Leagues and other top colleges.

Students may choose to work on more than 5 Gateway colleges with us, through purchasing CAS(College Admissions Service) hours at a specially discounted rate for Gateway students.
You can view our list of highly qualified expert college admissions counselors here.
See the Bridge Program Package for Steps Program + Gateway Program bundle for 9-12th graders!

Benefits of the

Gateway Program


1:1 Counseling

Work with your own college admissions counselor

Resume Polishing

Draft and review your resume

College & Major Selection

Receive a personalized college selection list

Financial Aid & Scholarship Application

Receive help on filling out financial aid and scholarship applications

College Admission Essay Review

Brainstorm and review your college application essay with your counselor

Interview Prep

Receive pointers and practice for college admissions interviews

Receive a realistic college school list.

A Gateway Team of college admission counseling experts will help you pick out realistic college school list that is based on your test scores and profile. 

Strategize your admissions profile.

We will be able to address any weaknesses or gaps and identify your strengths and unique traits to further your application strategy.

You will be able to answer the following:

  1. What colleges will help me with my dream career?

  2. What should I major in?

  3. What activities will make me stand out?

  4. What scholarships or financial aid can I receive?

Get application and essay feedback.

Your essay is what will help you stand out from the rest. Brainstorm and create stellar admission essays with your counselor and our team of essay specialists.

Structure of the Gateway Program

Complete Applications

Finish all 5 college applications with a designated Gateway Counselor 

Weekly Meetings

Meet with a assigned counselor once a week (10 meetings total)

Gateway-exclusive Weekly Workshops

Gain access to weekly Gateway-exclusive workshops to improve parts of your college application


Unlimited Correspondence

Unlimited correspondence with Gateway Counselor

Jason Zhao

Admitted to:
Stanford University

One of the reasons I loved B2A's Gateway program was that it offered me a counselor who worked with me one-on-one, learned my personality, and guided (though never forced) me through the application process. My counselor knew me well enough to tell me that certain phrases in my essays "weren't Jason," or that I needed to add a certain "Jason touch" to a paragraph or two.

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