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One-stop shop for all your education and college admissions needs.

Over the course of our history, parents have been seeking our advice and counseling to help make the right choice for their child's education. Gradually, we have become a one-stop-shop for all of their educational needs. Many of our parents return year after year seeking different services that suit their needs, from advice on choosing the right courses for their incoming 9th grader to SAT prep in 10th grade to summer research and internship program advice in 11th to finally college application help in 12th. ​


We are so humbled and grateful to be a trusted source and to be included in your child's educational plans. So, we have decided to make a 4-year programs that will make us a dedicated partner in your child's education.

There are two options: the Bridge Program and the Master Strategy Package.

Benefits of the

Bridge Program


1:1 Counseling

Work with your own college admissions counselor

Steps + Gateway

College admissions counseling bundle at a discounted price

Benefits of the

Master Strategy Package


Summer Start

Program starts in the summer before 9th grade year

Class Enrollment

Unlimited access to B2A classes such as SAT or ACT Prep

Steps + Gateway

College admissions counseling bundle at a discounted price

Tutoring Hours

Receive 20 hours of 1:1 Tutoring per year at a discounted price.

Ashwin Kalidas

Perfect Score:
36 on the April 2017 ACT

Beyond coaching, unlimited access to the test materials was great! Moreover, Mr. Seo's valuable guidance throughout the college preparations process, all the way from school course selection, gave me confidence and put me in the path towards my ambition.

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