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Wish you could have B2A SAT Prep classes at your school?

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As a premier test prep and college prep academy, we can provide an excellent team of test prep instructors and college admission experts to your school or community. We can offer SAT prep courses, ACT prep courses, PSAT prep courses, after-school tutoring, and college application workshops or college admission counseling at your school or community.

Our name has already been made famous throughout Austin for helping students improve their SAT scores 200-400 points on average, and we produce numerous perfect scores every year.


To give you an example, a majority of the National Merit Semifinalists from Westwood High School have benefited from our SAT prep courses, and top 5% ranked students from high schools all across Austin seek us for our college admission services to gain the coveted spots at Ivy Leagues and competitive accelerated programs like the BS-MD. 

Let us help maximize your students' potentials today!


Please contact us to find out how B2A can catapult your students into college admission success. 

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