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High school is on the horizon - is your student ready for the challenge?

Expert Guidance

Our instructors are certifiied experts in their subject of instruction.

Special Curriculum

Designed by our in-house curriculum specialists to maximize efficiency.

Regular Feedback

Receive individualized analysis and feedback on a regular basis.

High School Programs




Ignite your student's academic, extracurricular, and career passions through guided explorations and build essential life skills through intentional exercises.

Through 1:1 counselor guidance and monthly interactive exercises, students will identify their interests and potential career paths, as well as master the 5 Essential Early Skills™ (time management skills, study skills, organizational skills, social/leadership skills, independence/self-initiative skills) in preparation for a successful high school career and college admissions ahead.

Offered During:

6th-8th Grade


  • Once a month 1:1 meetings with counselor


  • 1:1 meetings for Academic Management and Extracurricular Exploration and Guidance

  • Monthly reading circle to discuss different careers

  • Homework for developing fundamental skills


Deep dive into fundamental skills in classes tailored to your student’s interests

Students will learn how to excel in their current classes and prepare for challenging future courses with our specialized ELA Enrichment Classes. They will receive expert guidance in reading comprehension, critical reading, grammar, and various writing styles, as well as practice putting those skills to use in areas personalized to their interests, such as debate and book club.

Offered during:

Fall Semester
16 weeks from August to December

Spring Semester
20 weeks from January to May


  • Meets 2 hours per week, every week


  • Each class consists of lecture, practice problems, and homework review


Help your student build a strong foundations in essential subjects

Students can utilize their summer break to get a head start on developing important fundamental skills that are sure to serve them well for years to come through a variety of English Language Arts classes, including Reading, Grammar/Writing, Book Club, Vocabulary, and Debate. These classes will prepare them for future success in school and beyond.

Offered during:

Summer Break
10 weeks from June to August

Winter Break
8 Days

Spring Break
6 Days


  • Meets 3 hours per day, 4-5 days a week

  • Extra classes classes can be selected individually


  • Each class consists of lecture, practice problem solving, a quiz, and homework review.

Practice Material:

  • Daily quizzes

  • Unlimited practice tests

Self-paced Learning

Every student learns differently.
Your tutor will assess what your problem areas are and directly address those areas while creating a safe and positive environment for you to learn in.
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