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"Any Person, Any Study": Opportunity at Cornell

Image taken from inside Cornell building overlooking campus in fall

In 1865, Ithaca, New York became home to Cornell University, the youngest Ivy League institution. With over 16,000 undergraduate students, Cornell also stands as the largest Ivy, with a focus on innovative research, student-led studies, and public service. Unique among other schools founded in this era, Cornell has always abided by the ideal of providing a world-class education to all qualified individuals, regardless of gender, race, or class. With a commitment to academic excellence and diversity, Cornell remains a university that attracts high-achieving individuals dedicated to intellectual inquiry and community engagement.

Wide-Ranging Academics

Cornell boasts a dizzying array of educational opportunities, allowing each student to discover and dive into their chosen niche. With over 4,000 courses offered across 100 academic departments and 80 majors to choose from, students at Cornell can be sure that they will find the perfect course of study. The university is renowned for its #3 globally ranked Animal Science program, various Engineering programs, and its Computer Science department.

If none of these majors are exactly what you’re looking for, Cornell offers the College Scholar Program, a course of study that allows students to design their own interdisciplinary major that centers around a particular question or issue. It culminates with an independent research project and honors thesis, providing students with the chance to explore their unique academic interests. 

For students looking for opportunities off campus, check out Cornell in Washington for government or policy students, Cornell in Hollywood for aspiring filmmakers, or Cornell Silicon Valley or Cornell NYC Tech for students interested in the tech world. 

Hands-On Learning

As a top-notch research institution, Cornell students can get involved in research as soon as their first year, and the university prides itself on having opportunities available for every major. Their Office of Undergraduate Research notes that over 4,000 students typically earn credit for their research efforts in any given year and that the average science major spends 15-20 hours in the lab each week while participating in a research project.

Another resource that helps students get involved is the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board (CURB), which works to connect undergraduates with research opportunities through showcases and peer mentorship programs.

On Campus

The Cornell campus spans a massive 2,300 acres in New York’s Finger Lakes region, surrounding students with breathtaking views and a multitude of outdoor activities. Cornell students have the privilege of receiving an Ivy League education in a picturesque setting, providing both stellar academics and the chance for adventure!

Aerial shot of the Cornell campus

The Cornell University Library houses over 8 million volumes, ensuring that every student will be able to find the resources they need. Once students are done studying, they can stroll over to one of the six centers of art and culture on campus, such as the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, Cornell Cinema, or the Johnson Museum of Art

There are also over 1,000 student organizations, including the Break Dance Club, the Foosball Club, the Global Business Club, the Cornell Daily Sun, and many more. Students can be sure that they will find a group that matches their interests and build a community that makes Cornell feel like home. 

In 1868, Ezra Cornell noted that, “I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” According to its founder’s mission, Cornell University continues to be an academic institution that prioritizes inclusivity and opportunity for each and every student. From its multitude of course offerings to its extensive campus, you can be sure that Cornell has the resources to support you in your college experience and beyond!

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