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3 Tips for Becoming a Stronger Candidate for MIT

Interested in applying to MIT? B2A has three tips to help you stand out from the crowd!

#1 Scoring High on Standardized Tests

Most recently, MIT has switched from an optional test policy to a required test policy. Although this is just one of the holistic factors considered as part of your MIT application, admissions statistics from previous years show the majority of admitted students tested VERY WELL on the SAT/ACTs.

According to the statistics for the 2025 class, the majority of MIT admitted students received a Composite ACT score from 34-36, or a score of 750-800 on the Math and English Reading/Writing portions of the SATs. Therefore, if you are interested in applying to MIT, you should be looking to score a 1550 or higher for the SATs and a 34 or higher on the ACTs.

  • How can I improve my SAT/ACT score? The best way to prepare for these standardized exams is to learn the material covered on the exam first and then completing practice exams to test your understanding of the material. B2A offers prep courses and 1:1 tutoring for both the SAT and ACT to teach you important concepts, effective strategies for different question types and help you improve your scores.

#2 Apply Early Action

When you apply early action you are being compared to a smaller pool of applicants compared to regular action. This gives you a better chance of standing out amongst other applicants! Additionally, there is the possibility that you may be deferred to Regular Action, which means your application will be reviewed a second time and you will get a second chance at admissions.

According to MIT’s admissions statistics, about 33,240 students applied to MIT’s Class of 2025, and of those applicants 1,365 students were admitted. 15,081 students applied early action, 719 of these applicants were admitted, 10,673 students were deferred, and 194 of the deferred students were admitted during Regular Action. That means that over half of the 2025 class was made up of students who applied Early Action (913 students)!

  • MIT is not the only school where applying Early Action may benefit you!We are seeing increases in acceptance rates for Early Action candidates across US undergraduate schools. A B2A counselor can help you organize your time and prioritize what needs to be done to meet Early Action deadlines for your top choice schools!

#3 Demonstrate the values MIT is known for:

MIT is committed to making the world a better place through education, research, and innovation. If you share these three values, then MIT may be a perfect fit for you! But ask yourself, am I embodying these values now? You can become a stronger candidate by demonstrating to MIT that you are already committed to research, education, and innovation!

  • Research- Does research interest you? If so, have you participated in research in high school? If so, make sure to add the details of your research to your admissions materials. If you haven’t completed research during your high school studies, now is the time to start!

  • Education- MIT encourages students to learn as much as they can so they may tackle everyday challenges as well as global issues. There are many ways you can demonstrate your passion for education. For example, volunteering for tutoring opportunities, attending summer programs to learn more about a subject you're interested in, or maybe reading as much as you can about a subject you are interested in.

  • Innovation- Innovation is perhaps what MIT is best known for. Students, faculty, and alumni have engineered incredible solutions to global problems. You can stand out from other applicants by creating a solution to an issue you or your community is facing. For instance, developing an app for the local homeless population that provides notification of local shelters that have available space for the night, or perhaps programming a to-do list that is specialized to your schedule and obligations.

Contact a Berkeley2 Academy counselor for more additional advice on how to stand out from other MIT applicants!


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