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Study with the best SAT materials and get your desired SAT Score.

Expert Guidance

Your course instructor will pinpoint your weaknesses and provide you personal feedback on a regular basis.

Test Prep Strategy

You will study SAT Math, SAT Reading, and SAT Writing key content areas and learn effective strategies.

Regular Feedback

You will receive personal feedback on a regular basis.

Unlimited Practice

You will gain unlimited access to free practice tests during and after enrollment.

Real Results

Your composite SAT score will improve (on average) 200-400 points once you've taken our SAT test prep classes.

SAT test prep classes are often seen as an unnecessary investment. Consequently, you may be thinking that you can do well on the SAT by using the free materials available. While those SAT study materials are a good start, we firmly believe that SAT test prep courses are one of the best ways to get a comprehensive understanding of the SAT. By taking one of our SAT classes, you won’t have to worry about getting ANY materials. And you won’t have to worry about setting aside time to study. We have our own in-house SAT curriculum and practice tests, and our SAT classes build in official test day simulations. Once you are done with your SAT class, or even if you take SAT tutoring, you will have unlimited access to SAT practice tests. Since we know that SAT scores are one of the key factors in a top-tier college application, we take our SAT test prep courses very seriously and help students at all stages of their SAT prep, from just learning the test format to mastering the strategies to learning the tricky concepts. No task is too large or small for our team! Check out our list of SAT course instructors and tutors here.


SAT Test Prep Classes

Get in-depth, long-term preparation.
Have time to tackle your SAT prep? Perfect! You will learn all the content areas and strategies for the SAT so that you can score better than ever before.
Offered during:
Fall Semester
16 weeks from August to December
Spring Semester
20 weeks from January to May
  • Meets 4 hours per week, once a week
  • Friday PM, Saturday AM, or Saturday PM class options
Give yourself a last-minute boost.
Have less than two months before your official SAT test? No worries! In cram classes, you will master the most important SAT content areas and practice all the strategies.
Offered during:
Fall Semester
6 weeks before September,  October, November,  & December SAT
Spring Semester
6 weeks before March & May SAT
  • Meets 6 hours per week, once a week
  • Saturday 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Utilize your school breaks.
Want to make the most of your summer, winter, or spring break? Great! Intensive SAT courses will review all the content areas and give you time to apply the strategies and practice.
Offered during:
Summer Break
10 weeks from June to August
Winter Break
8 days
Spring Break
6 days
Summer Break Schedule:
  • Meetings 4.5 hours per day, 5 days a week
  • AM or PM class options
Winter/Spring Break Schedule
  • Meetings 6 hours per day, 5-6 days a week
More Details +
  • Reading, Writing, Math and Applied Practices
  • Each class consists of lecture, practice problems, homework review, and exam review
Diagnostic Tests:
  • Required to take 1 diagnostic test on your own time each week
  • In-class proctored exam is conducted every 4 weeks
  • Reading, Writing, and Math 
  • Each class consists of lecture, practice problems, and homework review
Diagnostic Tests:
  • In-class proctored exam is conducted every 3 weeks
  • 30-minute exam review sessions for Reading, Writing, Math are provided
  • Summer Break: Reading, Writing, and Math; Each class consists of lecture, practice problems, and homework review.
  • Winter/Spring Break: Reading, Writing, and Math; Each class consists of lecture, practice problems, and homework review.
Diagnostic Tests:
  • Summer Break: In-class tests are proctored once every week
  • Spring Break: In-class exam is given on the last day of the program
  • Winter Break: In-class exams are administered at the end of first week and second week.

Eliminate Your Weaknesses Immediately!

Have a foundation in the SAT? Want to get the most personalized SAT prep plan? Sign up for tutoring! Your tutor will assess your problem areas and directly address them while creating a safe and positive environment for you to learn in.
You will only study and practice what you and your tutor think is necessary.

Not Sure If You Should Take the SAT or the ACT?

Take a free diagnostic SAT test and ACT test and see which one suits you better!
You can take our tests at one of our branches, where you can test yourself under official exam conditions and not worry about distractions at home or school.
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