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(FOR 6th - 11th Graders)

Plan every detail of your private school admissions preparation and application. Set yourself apart from the competition.

Applying to competitive secondary schools has never been easier

Primary Services

1:1 Counseling

Work with a private/magnet school admissions counselor

Forms Assistance

Review with a professional your application and parent response form.

Test Prep Tutoring

1:1 Tutoring for ISEE or SSAT Prep​​

Essay Assistance

Admissions essay assistance from brainstorming to final review

Interview Prep

Prepares Students for Admissions Interviews

Flexible Services

Schedule at your convenience, and cover a variety of topics and materials 

Private high schools are increasingly becoming an attractive option to many parents who are seeking for a more challenging or supportive environment for their teen. These schools often require essays, resume, standardized test scores, student interview, parent interview, and parent form as part of their rigorous admission process. Berkeley² Academy's seasoned counselors and tutors can help you with whatever you need for a successful private high school admission experience. Delivered 1:1 and customized to each student, our tested-and-proven admissions and tutoring services ensure top results!

Parents can choose the services that best suit their student's needs! 


We are your 
College Prep partner.
Our services are for the beginning, throughout the student's enrollment,and even after they leave. Create your own B2A legacy with us!
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