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Mohammed Hyder
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor


Rhodes College (B.S. Computer Science)

Teaching Experience:

In high school Mohammed tutored his classmates and underclassmen in math and English part-time. In college Mohammed worked as an SAT and ACT tutor, sharing his tips, tricks, and strategies with high school students looking to get into good colleges. After college he worked as a private tutor in the Houston area, helping students excel in their math, science, and history classes, while also preparing them for a year of standardized testing and college exams.

Educational Philosophy:

"The student-tutor relationship is one built on trust and communication. When a student is struggling, what is important is not finding the most correct or elegant way to solve a problem, but the explainable solution– the one that works for that problem so that the  student can understand, intuit, recognize, and use that method to solve the next. Because every student learns differently, the role of a teacher is to meet the expectations and skill level of the student.”

Interesting Fact:

Mohammed loves playing board games of all sorts, from the strategic to family, or even group cooperative games, like Pandemic!

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