Kieran Patel
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor

Kieran Patel


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Honors Laureate; Biology B.S. and English B.A. with Highest Honors; Minor in Chemistry

Teaching Experience:

Kieran began one-on-one grade school tutoring while in high school, and this love of teaching followed them through college. As a science and humanities double major, Kieran served as a humanities tutor through UNC's learning center, a supplemental instructor through the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, and as a curriculum developer for a variety of youth-focused educational events on campus. As such, Kieran has experience working with students of all ages, from young elementary schoolers to adults. They find that in each of these roles, their work has been much the same. All students, no matter the age or discipline, must be respected and listened to before the learning can begin

Educational Philosophy:

As a tutor, Kieran understands that their students are often enrolled in a traditional didactic course (in the case of school subjects) or have attempted independent study (in the case of standardized test prep). Therefore, their methodology is based on working with the student to identify what about the student's current classroom or study environment is not allowing them to fully succeed and understand the material. Then, Kieran bases their tutoring around filling in whatever instructional gaps the student may be missing. They find this also helps build confidence in the student, which is paramount to helping students succeed academically, even outside of tutoring lessons.

Interesting Fact:

Kieran is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, and has worked as an instructor for EMS courses. Many EMTs and firefighters in North Carolina may have started out practicing splints or wound care on Kieran!