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Humberto Venancio
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
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The University of Texas at Austin (B.A. in English)
Emerson College (M.F.A. in Creative Writing- In Progress) 

Teaching Experience:

Humberto has had years of experience teaching both formally and informally. Ever since he was in grade school he had been a helpful student helping his classmates succeed academically alongside him, while also helping his younger sister with schoolwork all her life. He spent a year tutoring high schoolers in a variety of subjects such as Algebra, American History, World History, Biology, Environmental Science, Spanish, and English. He spent two years as a teaching artist specializing in storytelling and writing, and has years of experience with education and peer-mentoring programs! 

Educational Philosophy:

"As an educator my goal is not only for students to know the material well enough to pass their exams, but to truly internalize and understand it so that they can pull on it for future reference over the course of their lives. True understanding comes from not just raw memorization but a deeper connection with the material to their own experiences. I do my best to connect with students through their passions and interests in order to foster this type of learning as effectively as possible."

Counseling Experience:

Humberto has much applied experience in applications at the undergraduate and graduate collegiate levels. He has been accepted into Emerson College's Creative Writing M.F.A program. He has helped peers in their application process particularly well through reviewing their resumes and editing essays. 

Counseling Philosophy:

"Ultimately, an application tells a story of who the person is. My goal is to help students showcase not only the best version of themselves, but also one that will stand out among others. Stories are about empathy and if the reader can form a memorable connection with the student through the application, success is that much more likely."

Interesting Fact:

Humberto spent two years as a Geology major before switching to English, and spent that time conducting research on birds and dinosaurs. He even took some of his findings to a biology lab at Harvard for a presentation.

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