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Grace Lim 
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Grace Lim photo_edited.jpg


New York University (B.S., Childhood Education, Special Education; Minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies)

Relay Graduate School of Education (M.A.T., Early Childhood Education)


Counseling Experience:

As a former middle school teacher and high school entrance exam instructor, Grace has guided students in gaining admission to selective high schools and prestigious summer programs. She is especially adept at building a strong rapport with her students to bring out their best selves, which is critical in instilling motivation and confidence to build a successful high school career and resume, and later on, outstanding college applications and essays. 


Counseling Philosophy: 

Every student is unique and every student’s path looks different. It’s important for me to get to know each student before guiding him/her in a certain direction. A counselor’s role is not to tell a student what to do but rather to guide and support students to devise and execute a high school career plan that capitalizes on the student's strengths and interests to ensure optimal college and career readiness."


Teaching Experience: 

Grace has been a highly respected classroom teacher for seven years in New York City. She has experience working with students of various ages and needs, who come from diverse educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a special education teacher, she has enjoyed helping countless students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism and guiding them to thrive in academic settings. 


Educational Philosophy: 

1) All students can learn. Given the appropriate setting, support, and student effort, all students have the potential to learn and achieve. 2) Learning through discourse. Learning happens through an evergoing exchange of thoughts and information. As such, the best learning happens when students grapple with the content and take ownership of their learning by asking questions and bouncing ideas off of each other. Students play an equally important role in the process of teaching and learning as the instructor."


Interesting Fact: 
Grace loves staying active and is currently training for her first marathon! She also likes to take every opportunity she has to travel and has recently been hooked on checking out new slopes to snowboard across the country in the wintertime.

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