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Plan every detail of your college admissions preparation and application and set yourself apart from the competition.

Top Quality Counselors

Our counselors are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

1:1 Guidance

Receive personalized guidance and advice.

Proven Results

Our students’ college acceptances speak for themselves.

College admission is a process that requires careful, strategic planning with assistance from experienced professionals. With acceptance rates for the nation’s top universities dropping each year, it is obvious that a smart student would want to use our program to increase his or her chance of getting into these colleges. 

With years of expertise resulting from getting our students into the most selective universities around the world, we can help prepare you for the fierce competition that lies ahead and give you an edge over other applicants. The key is to start early and plan ahead, but regardless of where students are in the process, we offer a variety of programs to help them.

You can view our list of highly qualified expert college admissions counselors here. 



Receive expert guidance at any point of your college admissions process.
Get a professional to help you strategize how you apply to colleges.
Helps with:
College list
Major selection
Mock interviews
Campus visits
and more!
Work with the same counselor through every step of your college admissions journey.
Designed to guide students through college admissions with a designated Gateway counselor. You'll plan and work on your applications and essays with someone who manages your entire college admissions strategy. Not only that, you'll get additional guidance from essay specialists and other counselors in classroom-setting workshops.
Helps with:
Entire admissions strategy for 5 colleges
Consistent messaging across applications and essays for 5 colleges
Preparation for interviews, campus visits, auditions, etc.
Advising on deferments, waitlists, and other admissions results
and more!