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Burak Torlak
English Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor


Texas A&M University (B.S. Biology)


In high school, Burak began tutoring students for the SAT and ACT, where he learned how to guide others struggling with standardized testing. When he went on to study at Texas A&M, he found himself applying to work as a peer mentor at the Science Peer Learning Center. Here he helped his peers master subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics until he graduated in Fall 2023. Furthermore, Burak joined the Athletics Department at A&M to provide mentoring and tutoring for student athletes.


“The best lesson any student can learn is learning itself. Understanding how to become a lifelong learner is the most important skill I seek to instill in my students.”


In college, Burak joined a school organization to build medical clinics inside shipping containers. These clinics could be shipped and deployed to places around the world!

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