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Austin Kern
English/Language Arts Instructor
Austin K _Bio Headshot.jpg


University of Connecticut (Psychological Sciences, B.A.; Minor in Neuroscience)

Teaching Experience:

During their time at the University of Connecticut, Austin regularly volunteered at local food banks, often acting as a guide and mentor for high schoolers who volunteered.  After graduating in 2018, they moved to Missouri to work as the Membership Manager for East Wind Community.  While there, they took on various tasks to get new members integrated into community life, including teaching gardening, leading educational nature walks, and coaching them on how to best integrate into the social dynamics of the community.

Educational Philosophy:

“The growth and development of an individual is something best viewed holistically.  While it is doubtlessly important to further a student's intellectual side, it is equally important to ensure they have the emotional skills needed to weather difficult periods when their confidence may be tested.  Educators should seek not just to guide students to knowledge, but also to help them discover skills that ensure emotional and mental health."

Interesting Fact:

Austin is an ardent fan of post-war Japanese literature, which is sad because very few other people are.

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