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Alex Chukwuma
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor

Math/Science Instructor
Alex Chukwuma Headshot.jpg


Duke University (B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration with minors in Russian language and
literature and Global Health)


Counseling Experience:

At Duke University, Alex worked with the admissions team as a tour guide. She also served as an
ambassador to the President of Duke through the Dukes and Duchesses program. Her time spent
working with the admission team and the office of the President gave her a unique perspective on the mindset of admission counselors and top university administrators. Also, having been through the undergraduate admissions process, as well as multiple nationally competitive scholarships and currently the medical school application cycle, Alex brings a personal experience to her counseling.

Counseling Philosophy: 

Alex believes every student has a unique story waiting to be uncovered. Through a little self-reflection and guidance, students can learn how best to communicate their stories and win over the admissions counselors. The college application process can be tough, but it is also an opportunity to learn and grow and better prepare yourself for future challenges. Knowing how to market yourself is an important skill to build, and Alex is here to teach you how to do just that!


Teaching Experience:

As a Chemistry major, Alex worked with underclassmen to help them through the chemistry degree
course. She also worked with FEMMES, an organization that reaches out to middle school girls in the
Durham community to promote their interest in STEM fields through a variety of educational outreach experiences.

Teaching Philosophy: 

Chekhov said, “The teacher must be an actor, an artist, and passionately in love with his work.” Alex
believes that a true passion for a subject can be conferred to a student, and a student’s passion can also motivate a teacher. The best learning experience comes from deeper engagement and commitment to learning from the teacher and student. Alex hopes to have immersive discussions where the students commit to learning not out of habit, but out of desire.

Interesting Fact:

Alex is a dancer and has trained in classical African dance and hip-hop.

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