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College Regular Decision Notification Dates for Class of 2024

It’s March, so you know what that means? Bluebonnets! Spring break! And Regular Decision notifications!

Wait, what?…

Yes! Now that it’s March, colleges are getting ready to release their decisions for applicants of the Regular Decision period for the class of 2024. So now’s the time to become best friends with your postal carrier--or, you know, your email account.

To give you a better idea of when to expect that letter in the mail, here's a list of Ivy League and other noteworthy colleges and their Regular Decision notification dates:

*Note: The Ivy League colleges usually release on the same day, and since Princeton University listed March 26th as its Regular Decision notification date, this date will probably be the same for other Ivies.

For RD, colleges have the option to accept, reject, or waitlist. In the first two cases, the choice is simple, but for waitlists, you may be wondering about the likelihood of ultimately getting accepted.

If you are waitlisted, you should take that as a sign that you most likely will not be accepted, even though you obviously caught the attention of the admissions officers. Unlike deferments, waitlists leave you only with the hope that another student declines the acceptance, and then, if you fit into the incoming class based on that applicant declining, you have a chance. In short, deferred students often find success from EA/ED to RD, but RD waitlists are not as likely to convert into acceptances. So if you’re waitlisted, now’s the time to start thinking about your actual choices.

If you do get news that you have been accepted from your RD application, then congratulations! For everyone else who has options to weigh, the middle of March and beginning of April will be a great time to come up with the best game plan for selecting a college. Remember: sometimes the best college is the most pragmatic choice, and that often involves getting the most for your money. (I’ll post more on your options as the letters/emails get sent out.)

And, of course, for everyone else who hasn’t applied, spring break is a great time to get ahead on studying for the SAT/ACT and managing GPA!

Didn’t get the RD notification result that you were looking for? Have no fear! B2A can help you determine your best options and help you move forward with choosing a college to attend in Fall 2020. Additionally, we can help other students prepare so that they can see the best results for their college applications. All of this is possible through our Spring Break Intensive programs and are regular services throughout the 20-Week Spring Session and upcoming 10-Week Summer Session! Check out our programs!

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