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Take the Honest Path to College

By now, you’ve probably heard about the biggest scandal to rock the college admissions scene in years -- i.e., William “Rick” Singer’s eight-year-long stretch of helping his wealthy clients buy their way into college.

It’s shocking.

And you may find yourself wondering: if some families are outright buying entrance to elite schools, is there anything you can do to compete?

The answer may leave you feeling more optimistic than you expected.

When it comes down to it, there are ways that the ultra-wealthy try to game the system, unfairly taking advantage of the privileges that they already have in order to gain even more of an upper hand.

Many of Singer’s clients, for example, got extra time on the SAT by falsely claiming that they had learning disabilities that necessitated additional time to complete the test. (If you don’t have the money to find a doctor who says that you have a learning disability, then you won’t be able to take this "approach.")

But Singer and his clients, like so many other people who cheat, were found out and ultimately paid the consequences.

This is all to say one thing: there are far better ways to gain an advantage in the college admissions process, ways that don’t rely on money or on gaming the system, but on your own smarts, creativity, and hard work.

Yes, there still is hope for you.

So what can you do to improve your chances on the SAT, if you can’t cheat your way into extra time?

Well, you can put in the work. You can create a long-term study plan, you can take regular practice tests to track your scores as you improve, and you can boost your scores by taking SAT prep classes or receiving one-on-one tutoring at Berkeley2 Academy.

Since you can’t (and wouldn’t want to!) bribe college-level coaches into pretending you’re an athletic recruit, what else can you do to improve your college application and college admissions essays?

Rather than pretending to be something you’re not, you can craft a compelling, cohesive application that highlights your real strengths and attributes.

Now, these tips aren’t as easy as throwing money at someone who promises to make your college dreams come true. But anyone who makes those promises, like Singer, is running a scam.

The hard truth is that there is no guaranteed entry into your dream college. Singer’s clients may have been successful in the short term, but now those students are being expelled or having their admissions offers rescinded.

Ultimately, your best shot at getting accepted into your dream college is by maximizing your chances in responsible, legal ways.

If you’re still feeling discouraged, remember this: Singer’s clients failed because they were trying to sneak into somewhere they didn’t belong. You’re not doing that. You’re showing colleges that you do belong.

And we at B2A will do all we can to help you get there.

Need some help crafting that unique application that will help you stand out to admissions committees? B2A has got you covered! Check out our College Admissions Services, including our unique, personalized Gateway Program. We’ll never promise to get you into your dream college. But we’ll do all we can to maximize your chances of success.

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