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Ready for Your August SAT or September ACT?

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The sunny days of summer are over, and just as you are recovering from sunburns and jet lag, you have to return to school. And guess what’s greeting you right when you come back? The August SAT! And a few weeks later, the September ACT! If you’ve been prepping over summer, then the SAT and the ACT should be no sweat. Still, it's definitely worth reviewing what you’ve already learned.

Instead of rehashing advice I’ve said over the past few months, I thought it would be better to round up a few posts about the SAT and the ACT. This is not an exhaustive list by any means (check out our tags for more on the two tests), but these posts should help give you an idea of what score to aim for and how to overall approach the SAT and the ACT.

Want to Quickly Cram for the SAT?

Want to know how to determine what’s a good SAT score? Unsurprisingly, different students have different “good scores” in mind when they set goals:

What's a Good SAT Score? 1600? 1350?

Maybe you already have a good SAT score in mind (or maybe you just learned!), then you are probably wondering what tips there are for getting a high score on the SAT:

How to Get a High Score on the SAT

Want to Quickly Cram for the ACT?

Okay, so you’re an “ACT student.” I get it. Do you know what’s a good ACT Score? Find out more:

What's a Good ACT Score? 1? 25? 36?

You know what a good ACT score is for you? That’s great! Do you know how to get that good score? Look no further:

How to Get a High Score on the ACT

Final Thoughts for a Quick SAT Cram or ACT Cram

Remember, you may have done a lot of practice over summer or before you took a previous official test. While all of that practice was important for improving your test-taking skills and getting you to understand the SAT or the ACT, it unfortunately doesn’t “stick” without consistency.

If you do nothing else before Saturday’s SAT exam or before the ACT in a couple weeks, at least take a practice test. Remind yourself of all those annoying question types and turns of phrases that test makers love to insert into their exams.

If you have a little bit more time (for you SAT people, things are cutting close!), then get a little practice in each day. 15-20 minutes is better than 0 minutes. Plan for the timeframe you are working with. Don’t bite off more than you can chew with practice or goals.

At this point, if you plan on taking Saturday’s SAT, drill down on obvious weak areas that can be improved. Now is not the time to learn new concepts (or ones you never got around to mastering). If you have the September ACT in your sights, you have a lot more wiggle room, and can even get in some solid cramming, but you have to start NOW.

Need a quick cram for your upcoming SAT or ACT? Berkeley2 Academy’s 1:1 tutoring and test-prep services can assess your weaknesses, provide you a study plan, and hold you accountable. We’ll give you the best preparation for whatever timeframe you’re working with! Message us to learn more about scheduling, tutors, and FREE consultations!


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