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Private School Admissions: An Overview

The choice of public or private can always be a stressful process, especially when it comes to determining which school system your child should attend. Private schools often boast smaller class sizes, more eclectic course offerings, and stronger faculty, whereas public schools offer a much smaller financial investment with many similar programs. The difference truly may lie in how much your student receives in terms of feedback and individual instruction, but of course there are other factors.

Whatever your reasons for selecting, there is still the admissions process itself. Private school admissions protocols vary from state to state and city to city (and even from school to school). Because there are vastly more independent and private schools in the country than there are colleges and universities, there is no singular process for private school admissions, not like what you see for college admissions. Still, there are general trends and some necessities that rise above the unique circumstances of whichever schools you do decide to apply to.

So what exactly should you expect when it comes to applying to private schools? Here is an overview:

Once you have decided to pursue private education, your journey to acceptance has just begun. While there are many unique requirements for admissions, now you should feel confident of what exactly it will take to get into the school that serves your academic needs in the best way possible.

If you are seeking additional help, such as tutoring or private school admissions counseling, then consider some of the services that B2A has to offer. We have staff who can assist with preparing for ISEE and SSAT, review application materials, and even target specific private schools for you. The dream of a personal, thorough education can become something real; let us lend a helping hand.

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