The Early Bird Gets the Worm -- But When? Early Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2022

Your essays have been written and rewritten. Your resume has been filled with the perfect eye-catching verbs. Your recommenders have uploaded their letters. You've pressed send. You've done it all.

Now the wait.

The purgatorial state of college admissions Early Action has settled upon you, and unlike the mountain that Dante climbs in the ol' Purgatorio, there's not a thing more you can do to reach that edenic state at the top: acceptance.

Thankfully, the wait can be made more bearable by knowing when exactly you can expect a yay (acceptance) or a nay (rejection or deferment) on your application.

Here's a list of the major universities and their Early Action/Early Decision notification dates:

Amherst College - December 15

Barnard College - Mid-December

Baylor University - SCEA: December 1; EA: January 15

Boston College - By December 25

Boston University - ED I: December 15; ED II: February 15

Brown University - Mid-December

Cal Tech - Mid-December

Carnegie Mellon University - December 15

Columbia University - Mid-December

Cornell University - Mid-December

Dartmouth College - Mid-December

Duke University - December 15

Emory University - ED I: By December 15; ED II: By February 15

George Washington University - ED I: By Late December; ED II: By Late February

Georgetown University - December 15

Harvard University - Mid-December

Harvey Mudd College - ED I: Decisions mailed December 15; ED II: Decisions mailed February 15

Johns Hopkins University - By December 15

MIT - Mid-December

New York University - ED I: December 15; ED II: February 15

Northwestern University - Mid-December

Notre Dame University - Mid-December

Pomona College - ED I: By December 15; ED II: By February 15

Princeton University - Mid-December

Rice University - Mid-December

Southern Methodist University - EA: Mid-December; ED I: Mid-December; ED II: Late February

Stanford University - By December 15

Tufts University - Mid-December

University of Chicago - EA: Mid-December; ED I: Mid-December; ED II: Mid-February

University of Michigan - By December 24

University of Pennsylvania - Mid-December

University of Virginia - January 31

Vanderbilt University - ED I: December 15; ED II: February 15

Washington University in St. Louis - By December 15

Wellesley College - ED I: Mid-December; ED II: Late February

Yale University - Mid-December

Of course, some of you may not have applied to (or may not have only applied to) the Early Action/Early Decision colleges.

If you still need help with submitting applications and essays to Regular Decision schools, look no further than B2A's college admissions services! We can tighten an essay's focus, make your resume come to life, and overall present you as your best self. The early bird gets the worm, but don't forget: slow and steady also wins the race.

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