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How Can You Prepare for Summer 2017 Now?

Since the new semester has just started, it might be hard to imagine what you will be doing this summer, but now is the time to plan how you will spend those marvelous three months off. (Hint: it’s not watching Netflix shows all day long.) Aside from the obvious choices, such as working at a job or internship, taking dual-credit college courses, or preparing for the SAT/ACT, you should consider the many summer programs offered at colleges and other respected institutions.

Here is a sample of some of the more popular and prestigious programs, but know that there are hundreds, and many of them can be found at colleges. So if there is a college near you, it probably has a summer program.

Cornell Summer College

Interested in robotics? Want to know more about architecture? Have a soft spot for macroeconomics? Cornell has got you covered! Cornell offers various classes for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. And it promises the prestigious college experience that many hope to attain after high school.

Application deadlines and requirements differ depending on the specific programs.

Duke TIP

One of the most renowned summer programs, Duke TIP caters to high-achieving students in middle and high school. Students qualify to attend Center or Academy sites and courses through their SAT or ACT scores (you can choose). Duke TIP courses are much more rigorous than anything you will see in regular school. For example, one, which is held at Rice University, is called “Astronautical Engineering.” Sounds intense! Of course, there are fun and enriching classes, too, like “Ethics in Science Fiction.”

Deadline for 8th-10th graders: February 11, 2017

Deadline for 7th graders: April 10, 2017

Harvard Pre-College Programs

Harvard has two-week programs that allow students to take challenging classes designed to give them exposure to college-level discussions and homework. Students don’t receive credit for the classes, but they are given instructor feedback and a grade, things that would be welcome on any future college or scholarship application. It’s Harvard, after all!

Early Deadline (recommended): February 15, 2017

Regular Deadline (not recommended): May 8, 2017


If you love math, then look no further. This five-week intensive summer program is made for young mathematicians. To get into the program, you have to solve a qualifying quiz, so you cannot rely on test scores or report cards to prove your problem-solving abilities. A lot of the program is centered on taking really advanced math courses, such as “Combinatorial Game Theory.” There are other events and meetings, too, that allow students to see rising branches of math that are still being developed and explored.

Deadline: March 10, 2017

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Institute Summer Programs

Stanford has some of the most sought after summer programs, especially ones for students who want extra experience in the medical field. You come to Stanford for the summer as a student with access to all the resources that a normal Stanford student would have. Note that since there are so many different programs that you may need to look at specific departments to get the best idea of what Stanford offers. For example, the highly prestigious high school pre-medical internships are located as part of the Stanford Medicine page.

Deadlines depend on the programs, but most are February-March, 2017.

This sample doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the summer programs out there, but hopefully you have an idea of what you can apply to. And don’t think that these programs are limited to math and science, even if the list does lean more towards STEM subjects. Any interest can be enriched. All you need to do is look. And do it sooner than later!

If you are someone who wants to apply to a summer program but do not know which to do, then consider B2A helping you make the decision. Also, if you have decided on which programs to apply to but need help with developing a strong admissions essay, we at B2A can assist with that too! Summer should be a fun time, a rewarding time, and an enriching time. Don’t let these small barriers stand in the way of an amazing experience!

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