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Study with the best PSAT materials and get your desired PSAT Score.

Expert Guidance

Your course instructor will pinpoint your weaknesses and provide you personal feedback on a regular basis.

PSAT Test Strategy

You will study PSAT Math, PSAT Reading, and PSAT Writing key content areas and learn effective strategies.

Regular Feedback

You will receive personal feedback on a regular basis.

Unlimited Practice

You will gain unlimited access to free practice tests during and after enrollment.

Real Results

Your composite PSAT score will improve (on average) 200-400 points once you've taken our PSAT test prep classes.

What is the PSAT? 


The PSAT -- otherwise known as the Preliminary SAT -- is a test that students take as early as 8th grade. The PSAT and SAT share many similarities, and in fact, the PSAT for 11th graders / juniors is basically the same content level and format as the SAT (the PSAT is slightly shorter and includes no essay). The PSAT scores cannot be used in college admissions, but for 11th graders, their PSAT scores automatically place them into consideration for the National Merit Scholarship, a highly prestigious award that is a great addition to a college application.

How do I prepare for the PSAT?

PSAT test prep often is seen as an unnecessary investment. Consequently, you may be thinking that you can do well on the PSAT by using the free materials available. While those PSAT study materials are a good start, we firmly believe that SAT test prep courses (yes, that's right, the SAT!) are one of the best ways to get a comprehensive understanding of the PSAT. By taking one of our SAT / PSAT classes, you won’t have to worry about getting ANY materials. And you won’t have to worry about setting aside time to study. We have our own in-house SAT / PSAT curriculum and official SAT and PSAT practice tests, and our SAT / PSAT  classes build in official test day simulations.

What else should I know about B2A PSAT prep?


Once you are done with your SAT / PSAT class, or even if you take PSAT tutoring, you will have unlimited access to SAT and PSAT practice tests. Since we know that PSAT scores are one of the key factors in qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship, we take our SAT / PSAT test prep courses very seriously and help students at all stages of their SAT / PSAT prep, from just learning the test format to mastering the strategies to learning the tricky concepts. No task is too large or small for our team! Check out our list of SAT / PSAT course instructors and tutors here.


Dates & Locations

Scholarships (General)

National Merit Scholarship Qualifying

PSAT 8/9



There are different level PSAT tests based on grade.

October, at school

October, at school

October, at school

Dates may vary and some PSATs are administered during spring.




All tests are used for 3rd-party scholarships or other distinctions.




Only the 11th grade / junior year PSAT is used for NMS qualification.