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Nandita Ammanamanchi
College Admissions Counselor


University of Rochester (B.A. in Public Health)

Harvard Medical School (M.S. in Bioethics - Class of 2026)

Counseling Experience:

Nandita taught workshops and TA'd for a variety of courses during Undergrad. These experiences coupled with her work as a first-year residential advisor developed her skills as a mentor and advisor and expanded her interests in teaching and mentoring. She also has experience working with high schoolers, and tutoring a variety of subjects!

Counseling Philosophy:

“Learning is most exciting when everyone can identify an intrinsic motivation unique to themself. Knowing your “why” will get you through the toughest of times. Along the same lines, knowing your "why" for a particular school or field of study will help you craft the best work to showcase to the schools you are interested in." 

Interesting Fact:

Nandita can crotchet bucket hats!

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