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Joyce Weng
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
Joyce Weng - Headshot.jpg


UCLA (B.S Biology)

Teaching Experience:

Throughout high school and college, Joyce has tutored others in biology and math. After graduating she began tutoring English as a Second Language to foreign students from Japan and China. Joyce has also helped prospective college students with editing their admissions essay, and guided them through the admissions process.

Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that all students have the capability to succeed, whatever their strengths and weaknesses may be. Each student has a different approach to learning, and it is the role of the teacher to help them figure out what works best for him or her. Students can then learn how best they can approach and tackle problems not only in school, but in other aspects of their life."

Interesting Fact:

Joyce loves to travel and have been to over 10 countries so far. She can also speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, and French with varying levels of proficiency. 

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