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Joseph Gaskill
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Joseph Gaskill_edited.jpg


The University of Texas at Austin (M.A. in Anthropology)
Augsburg University (B.A. in American Indian Studies & Anthropology)

Teaching Experience:

During undergraduate, Joe was actively involved in the Twin Cities Native American community. They co-taught Native American families Ojibwe language during the pandemic, and became a Middle School instructor at the first Summer American Indian Freedom School held in Robbinsdale ISD. Today, Joe continues their teaching journey as a Ph.D Student in Anthropology at UT Austin, as they teach intro-level courses and discussion sections as a Teaching Assistant in their department, grade lower and upper-level college essays, and provide critical and guiding feedback in working with students.

Counseling Experience:

At UT Austin, Joe is a Teaching Assistant and Undergraduate Mentor who advises and guides their students in classroom and one-on-one environments. In guiding undergraduate students through their college journeys, Joe supports students by acting as a grounding and validating presence. They help their mentees navigate frustrations, confusion, and the new experiences of college life by encouraging self-reflection and celebrating their growth across their college experience.

Counseling Philosophy:

"I challenge and guide my students to become their full selves. By building relationships of care and growth, I work with students to help them unravel their potential through learning and reflecting on who they are on their own terms. I believe that all students need a little guidance to creatively illuminate the greatness they already encompass.”

Interesting Fact:

Joe’s Ph.D Research explores how video games, anime, D&D, and all things nerdy give young adult’s the power to build their identities, belonging, and futures on their own terms.

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