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Connor Hanna
English Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
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University of Texas at Austin (Triple Major: B.A. in Mathematics; Government; Economics with Special Honors)

Teaching Experience:

While an undergraduate research editor, Connor launched the first official programming and statistics training programs for The Developing Economist. He regularly lead trainings, developed new curriculum, and assisted break-out groups during his two year term as a Senior Editor.

Educational Philosophy:

"My goal as a teacher is to help students find the same joy in learning that I do. I believe every subject can be related to daily life. Looking back, the best teachers I've had were those with the passion to communicate that quality, and the flexibility to help students find it."

Interesting Fact:

In college Connor became a dedicated gardener. He looks after his flowers daily, and occasionally sows native wildflowers on roadsides and green spaces around the city.

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