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Avni Shah
College Admissions Counselor
Med School Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
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University of Texas at Dallas (UT-PACT BA/MD Program; Biology, B.A and minor in economics, in progress)

Counseling Experience:

Avni has helped students navigate high school and the college application process for several years and was a part of Berkeley2Academy’s counseling team last season. Growing up in the Austin area, her personal experience with Berkeley2Academy once as a student and now as an instructor and college counselor has given her a unique perspective of what it takes to find success with college applications. She is intimately familiar with many Austin area high schools and understands how the Gateway program works not just from the counselor perspective, but from the student perspective as well. As a previous BA/MD student who is currently in medical school, Avni has a great deal of experience writing applications and can offer advanced assistance for students hoping to pursue a career in healthcare.

Counseling Philosophy:

I believe every student has a unique story to tell. My job is to help students discover their story and figure out how to tell it. The college application process can be scary, but with the right guidance, every student can create a compelling application. My goal is to help students successfully tell their story and find a college of their dreams!

Teaching Experience: 

Avni has been tutoring students in a wide range of subjects since high school and has continued to do so throughout her college years. Avni also enjoys helping students with their college applications and essays.


Educational Philosophy:

“I think every student has limitless potential. With hard work and unconditional support a student can achieve anything they want. As a teacher, I hope to inspire students to dream big and to show them that they can reach any goal they put their mind to.”

Interesting Fact:

Avni loves to dance and sing, and was a member of the nationally recognized UTD Taraas dance team. She also loves to cook and is currently trying to learn her mom’s signature dishes.

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