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Vikas Ravi
Math/Science Instructor


The University of Texas at Austin (B.S.A Neuroscience, Business of Healthcare Certificate, Pre Health Professions Certificate)


Teaching Experience:

Vikas has experience teaching students from all age groups, starting with his younger brother and his friend's younger siblings. He frequently helps his peers out in science courses, such as Biology and Neuroscience, and has a passion for making science fun. He's taught students from around the nation through online tutoring and loves getting to know new students.


Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that it's important to know why things happen the way they do instead of just memorizing that they do. Learning the reason for phenomena helps one achieve a greater level of understanding and makes grasping the concept easier. Any complicated topic can be broken down in to manageable chunks."


Interesting Fact:

Vikas enjoys working out, eating uncomfortably large portions of food, going to raves, and spending time in the outdoors. He's currently focusing on improving his boxing as he plans on fighting in some matches once he feels ready.

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