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Plan every detail of your private school admissions preparation and application. Set yourself apart from the competition.


  (For 6 - 12th grade)

Applying to competitive secondary schools has never been easier

With college admissions becoming more and more competitive each year, gaining admission into the right private high school or boarding school can make a huge difference down the road. Our Smart Start Package is designed to help you and your student make applying to competitive secondary schools easy. ​ Our professional, time-tested counselors are here to give you guidance during every step of the private school application process.


Services are available as a package (we recommend this option) that encompasses the entire application process or on an hourly basis for students who only need help with individual components of the application.

Benefits of the Smart Start Package


1:1 Counseling

Work with your own secondary school admissions counselor.

School Selection

Get help on selecting from top private high schools.

Forms Assistance

Review with a professional your application and parent response form.

We are your 
College Prep partner.
Our services are for the beginning, throughout the student's enrollment,and even after they leave. Create your own B2A legacy with us!
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