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Can't "Berry" the Wait? Be Thankful for Early Action Notification Dates!

lingonberry sauce -- yum!

As Thanksgiving approaches, you’re probably thankful that you no longer have to worry about your Early Action and Early Decision college admissions deadlines. But there may be one lingering thought as you’re slathering lingonberry sauce on your turkey: when will you know if you got accepted?

Great question (and great choice of festive, berry-based sauce)!

Deadlines for Early Action (a non-binding college application that you can submit to as many schools as you’d like) and Early Decision (a binding college application that you can only submit to one school) have passed -- typically on November 1st -- and now the notification dates are approaching. In fact, most EA/ED schools should be sending you a notification on whether you are ACCEPTED, REJECTED, or DEFERRED by mid-December.

Later I’ll get into what you should do based on each of those three outcomes, but for now, here's a list of the major universities and their Early Action/Early Decision notification dates:

Note: ED II, or Early Decision II, is a later Early Decision deadline. The only difference between ED I and ED II (in most cases) is that the deadline and notification dates are later.

Planning on applying to colleges for Regular Decision deadlines? Still have essays or resumes that read like gobbledegook? Check out our college admissions services! We’ll fine-tune your diction, sharpen the story of your application, and even help you cut down word counts. Signing up is simple, and our professionals are as sweet as lingonberry pie.

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