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Spring and Early Summer 2018 SAT and ACT Test Dates

Now that we are already a month into 2018, it’s time to get serious about studying for the SAT and the ACT. First and foremost, you need to know which dates you can take the tests. Below are the exam dates during spring and early summer, including registration and late-fee deadlines.

The ACT begins this year’s essay season with an exam date in February--it’s actually a week from today! While most of the dates remain the same as previous years, notice that ACT has added a July exam. This July test could be quite useful for students who need 100% focus on school work during the academic year. Of course, getting it out of the way in February is nice too.

The SAT has eliminated its January test, so its first exam date of the year is in March. That gives you plenty of time to start preparing, mastering concepts, and increasing your practice test scores. Also, notice that in May and June you can take SAT Subject Tests. Most students wait until June to take these, following their AP exams, which typically overlap in content and format.

Are you about to take the February ACT next week? Planning on studying for the March SAT at some point this month? Not really sure which test to take or when to take it? No worries! B2A has several services to guide students through any stage of their test-prep journey--whether it be seriously cramming before an exam, practicing for long-term goals, or planning out how to select the right test. We can make this spring test season one that bears fruit!

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