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Avoid the Summer Slide: UT-Austin Summer Programs for Grades K-12

Feeling a bit cold today? Can you imagine what the sun will feel like in June or July? Are you even thinking about summer?

Well, you should be.

While summer is still several months away, it’s smart to start planning now what you will do with your time off. Most students sit around the house or simply hang out with friends, and while that definitely can be a good way to relax from a stressful school year, there are still other ways to make the most of your summer.

One of the great resources that we have in Austin is the University of Texas, which hosts a number of summer programs for students of all ages. Whatever your passion is, UT-Austin should have you covered. So consider how you could have an even more amazing summer by participating in one of these programs:

American Ballet Theatre Intensive (Dance Arts) -- 07/02/18 to 07/27/18

CODE@TACC (Technology) -- (dates not listed for this year)

Create at UT (STEM) -- 06/19/18 to 06/22/18

Engineering & Computer Science Camp -- 06/12/17 to 07/27/17

First Bytes (Computer Science) -- 06/03/18 to 06/09/18

HS Band Camp/Honors Wind Ensemble -- 06/24/18 to 06/30/18

HS Choir Camp (Chorus) -- 06/20/18 to 06/23/18

HS Jazz Improv (Jazz) -- 06/17/18 to 06/22/18

Mariachi Camp (Wind Instruments) -- 07/05/18 to 07/08/18

Middle School Band Camp (Band) -- 06/10/18 to 06/16/18

Radio-Television-Film Camps -- (dates not listed for this year)

Research in Life Science (STEM) -- 07/30/18 to 08/03/18

Summer Academy in Architecture (Architecture) -- (dates not listed for this year)

UT Prep, grades 6-7 (STEM) -- 06/11/18 to 07/26/18

Don’t see something that you like? Check out UT’s “In the Community” webpage to get more information about summer programs and other programs that run throughout the school year.

The program costs vary (the range is from $0 - $4,000), and tuitions are usually split between local students who don’t need lodging (“day students”) and students who stay on campus during the length of the program (“residential students”). For many programs, students need to apply, a process which typically involves writing a free response or auditioning in addition to filling out standard application materials.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many application deadlines fall within January and February, so if you are thinking about applying to summer programs, definitely start researching and putting your application materials together now. The American Ballet Theater Intensive had one of its audition dates today, for example, so you don't want to get left behind!

If you're not quite sure how to plan for summer and would like some more advice and helpful tips, then consider setting up a consultation with one of our directors or academic counselors. We can definitely make the blazing hot summer in Austin a cool, enriching time. And if you do know which programs you want to apply to but need help with the applications, we can also guide you.

While summer is still months away, the time to plan the break starts now, even if we're still wearing our winter coats.

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