Seunghoon Oh
Math/Science Instructor
Seunghoon Oh.jpg

Auburn University (B.S Computer Science)

Teaching Experience:
Seung has tutored a variety of students in English, reading, SAT, ACT, and any homework that
they had in school that they need help with. He also helped his classmates understand the
materials that they did not fully grasp by reviewing the topics before an exam. He gained
satisfaction when he could explain in such a way that his peers would clearly understand and
also learned a lot from the result of help teaching his friends.


Educational Philosophy:
"Learning is a life long process, and the desire to learn should be internal. It is difficult to learn
something that doesn't fascinate you or doesn't apply to you, and it is counterproductive to force
learning when one does not want to learn. It is essential for teachers to facilitate an environment
that makes learning more fun and approachable while also reliable for the long-term."


Interesting Fact:
Seung used to be a sushi chef while attending school. In his free time, Seung enjoys watching
movies and wants to direct a film someday.