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Sarah Cho
College Admissions Counselor

Sarah Cho headshot.jpg


Wellesley College (Bachelor of Political Science and Bachelor of East Asian Studies)
Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies (M.A Global Affairs & Policy)
Texas Woman's University (Ph.D. Rhetoric)


Counseling & Teaching Experience:

After working in Korea for five years in the field of education (high school, university-level, and adult language acquisition), Sarah returned to Dallas, the city she grew up in. Since 2019, Sarah has worked on her PhD in English rhetoric and composition. As she grows a passion for her own research in digital platforms, communication, cultural studies, writing, and multimodality, Sarah works as a lecturer at University of North Texas in Dallas. With extensive experience in writing centers and first-year composition courses at the university, she prepares her students of all ages to become strong writers by building upon their understanding of audience and the various strategies they can use to achieve their composition goals. Additionally, her background in teaching yoga allows Sarah to incorporate meditative writing practices to guide students to be more mindful and reflective of their daily experiences, a key skill for developing thoughtful college essay responses.

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