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Roman Trujillo
English Language Arts
Math/Science Instructor
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Cornell University (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering)
Cornell University (M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering - In Progress)

Teaching Experience:

Roman was a teaching assistant for multiple mechanical engineering classes, which built his ability to manage groups of students and field questions in group and individual environments. Additionally, during his time leading office hours he developed an understanding of different student approaches to problem solving, which allowed for an expansion of his teaching strategies when explaining concepts and solutions.

Teaching Philosophy: 

"As an instructor I aim to create a learning environment where students are comfortable asking any sort of question and encouraged to explore the gaps in their knowledge. Although some students may have experienced otherwise, I believe there are no stupid questions, only uneducated questions, and recognizing where one is lacking in education is the important first step towards understanding."

Interesting Fact:

Roman is a huge fan of Godzilla and DC comics, meaning he is always willing to share the lore if prompted. (He loves to be prompted.)

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