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Rachel Lloyd
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Rachel Lloyd.jpg

North Carolina State University (Communication, B.A.; Political Science, B.A. with a minor in Spanish)
University of Texas at Austin (Communication Studies, M.A.)
University of Texas at Austin (Communication Studies Ph.D. in progress)

Counseling Experience:

Over the course of 6 years, Rachel has acted as a NCAA student athletics writing/essay tutor. In addition, during her MA and PhD programs, Rachel has served as an undergraduate mentor for the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-graduate School Internship. In this role she has assisted numerous undergraduate students through the entire process of applying to graduate school (e.g., essay writing, recommendations, resume tuning, researching programs, test preparation, scholarships, etc).

Rachel has been an undergraduate mentor for several students at UT–Austin, guiding them through the pre, during, and post application process. She has also worked closely on admission teams for conferences and academic positions. When it comes to essay writing, she is on three boards (two national and one international) that review papers. Rachel is also an instructor at UT for an essay intensive course. 



Counseling Philosophy:

"My favorite part about counseling students as they pursue higher education is, it provides each student with an opportunity to have their own voice and highlight their distinct abilities. Unlike standardized tests, GPA, etc, writing personal essays and cultivating resumes allows students to express who they are and how they will uniquely contribute to the university they are applying for. It also requires students to grow their character by exhibiting bravery when asking for recommendation letters, being patient waiting for responses, and making difficult acceptance decisions."

Teaching Experience:
Rachel has been a teaching assistant and assistant instructor for ten different college level
courses. She has used her adaptable teaching style to work in classroom sizes ranging from 25-
500 students. Rachel has also been an academic tutor for six years and acted as a mentor for
numerous students interested in pursuing graduate studies. In hopes to understand diverse
student populations, Rachel has studied abroad twice and conducted scholarly research
projects outside of the United States.

Educational Philosophy:
"My goal is to inspire students to pursue academic excellence by encouraging them to take an
active role in their learning. I attempt to maximize the potential of each student by identifying
their unique learning styles and adapting my methods to meet the needs of the class. Learning
to think creatively, analytically, and critically are all skills that stretch fair beyond an academic
context. Thus, I believe it is my duty to best prepare students not only for their academic goals,
but also equip them for everyday life encounters."

Interesting Fact:
Rachel has visited 22 countries and all six continents (excluding Antarctica). During her free
time, she enjoys challenging herself by cooking different types of cuisine and being active.

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