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Gateway Program (12th Gr)

Gateway Program (12th Gr)


Upon joining the Gateway Program, you will unleash a wealth of knowledge and resources that will guide you step-by-step on applying to colleges from start to finish. Based on your personal profile, you will be matched to your very own college admissions counselor who will work with you 1-on-1 for 12 weeks to help you craft the best application materials that will earn you those coveted spots at the nation's top colleges and sought-after major programs. From curating a list of best fit colleges and majors to helping you write the most memorable essays that will impress the Admissions Officers, our experienced and savvy counselors take the time to get to know you and help identify a unique theme around which to craft your application materials for a cohesive and compelling story that is told through your own voice. Each year, a large number of our Gateway students gain admission to top colleges including the Ivy Leagues, Stanford, and MIT, and selective majors like Computer Science, Business, and even extremeley selective accelerated programs like the BSMD.


    Live online meetings and workshops via Zoom plus direct access to your Gateway Counselor and the entire counseling team throughout the program for feedbacks, reviews, and questions.

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