Dr. Nicholas Griffin
College Admissions Counselor
Math/Science Instructor
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Michigan State University (Psychology, B.S. with a specialization in Cognitive Science)

University of Texas at Austin (Psychology, M.A.)

University of Texas at Austin (Cognitive Neuroscience, Ph.D.)

Counseling Experience:

Nick worked as a teaching assistant at Michigan State University and UT Austin. While earning his Bachelor's degree, Nick worked staff and administrative roles for an adolescent mentorship program and taught college students as the manager of a psychology lab.


Counseling Philosophy: 

“Each student has their own unique experiences to communicate, and I aim to help each student describe their experiences in the most compelling way. I work to form meaningful relationships with students to help them engage with their writing most effectively. I also believe that clear communication is critical - students will benefit the most when their ideas are being heard and when we have an open dialogue throughout the writing process.”

Teaching Experience:

Nick first worked as a teaching assistant as an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, and has continued to teach at UT Austin. He has also worked with adolescents in mentorship programs and taught college students as a lab manager and graduate student.

Educational Philosophy: 

“Copying equations or following a formula can only get you so far, but understanding how and why an equation is derived and used is the key to mastering a subject”

Interesting Fact:

Nick has been featured on NPR to discuss research.