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Min Jun Kim
Math/Science Instructor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Min Jun Kim photo_edited.jpg


The University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Honors Biochemistry)
Baylor College of Medicine (M.D. - Class of 2026)

Teaching Experience: 

Since high school, Min Jun has tutored students in a range of subjects, including SAT prep, AP
biology, and middle-school English. Moreover, he was a biochemistry lab TA in college, as well
as a kindergarten Sunday School teacher at his church.

Educational Philosophy: 

“As a research-heavy college grad, I’ve found that questions – both asking them and being able to answer them – are critical to furthering knowledge. Thus, my goal is twofold: first, to create a learning environment in which students’ questions are welcomed and appreciated, and second, to be well-prepared on my end to provide sufficient and thorough explanations and answers for said questions.”


Interesting Fact: 

Min Jun firmly believes that Mac Jones will be the next Tom Brady. #GoPats

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