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Micah Matsuno
English Language Arts
Math/Science Instructor
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University of British Columbia (B.A. in Political Science; Minor in English Language and Literature)

Teaching Experience:

As a Teaching Assistant for a first-year introductory political science course, Micah led discussion sessions, engaging students in lively debates and deepening their understanding of political theories. During that time, Micah developed original lesson plans to make complex concepts accessible and fostered a supportive learning environment. Managing student communications and holding office hours allowed her to connect personally with students and offer tailored support and feedback. This experience reinforced her belief in inspiring curiosity and fostering a passion for learning in every student.

Teaching Philosophy: 

"My educational philosophy centers on fostering curiosity and active engagement. I believe in making students co-creators of their own learning, using interdisciplinary approaches and real-world problem-solving. By encouraging critical thinking and questioning, I aim to connect academic concepts to students' lives, making learning relevant and impactful."

Interesting Fact:

Micah grew up in six different cities, sparking her interest in political science as she saw how local policies and cultures shape communities.

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