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Linh Diep
English/Language Arts Instructor


University of Texas at Dallas (Global Business, B.S., pursuing a double M.B.A/M.S.

in Finance and Business Analytics)

Teaching Experience:

Linh has tutored in various subjects, first peer-editing essays for AP Literature at
Plano East, and later teaching conversational English to middle school students
in Tainan. As part of Plano Independent School District’s “Advancement Through
Individual Development” program, she has tutored groups of students in Socratic
fashion to develop their problem-solving skills and foster a collaborative learning

Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that the ability to think critically and reason through problems is one of
the most important tools in a student’s repertoire. Beyond memorizing facts or
rules, teaching students how to work through their problems with sound logic is
something that not only allows them to academically excel, but confront the many
issues they will face in the real world. It is imperative we sharpen this ability, as it
is the key that will help them really understand the concepts they’re learning."

Interesting Fact:

Linh is a serial hobbyist, pursuing writing, fishkeeping, piano, watercolor painting
and now, gardening.

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