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Kyle Hayes
English/Language Arts Instructor
Kyle Hayes Bio Photo.jpeg


University of Florida (English, B.A. minor in Mass Communication)

Teaching Experience:

Kyle attended the University of Florida, where he earned his Bachelor's degree majoring in English and minoring in Mass Communications Studies. While studying there, he also worked as a staff writer at a student-run magazine, and gained experience interviewing, writing, and editing articles with a team of his peers. After graduating in 2019, he worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, where he tutored one-on-one with students to improve their grades in a variety of subjects, created and led educational lesson plans for children in an after-school program, and led workshops for high school students on subjects including mindfulness, time management, and job interviewing skills.

Educational Philosophy:

"During my personal education, I learned that the best teachers are ones who can assist you in forming a strong foundation upon which the rest of your education can be built. I believe it's my duty to help students find out for themselves what may be missing from the foundations of their own educations so that we can work together to make their learning experience more well-rounded and fulfilling."

Interesting Fact:

Kyle studied film in college, and reached the pinnacle of his film career by playing a man eating a burrito in the background of a scene from a local indie film called "Paperback."

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