Katherine Kasha
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor


SUNY Geneseo (B.A in English Literature)

UC Berkeley (Master's in Secondary English Education)

Counseling Experience:

Katherine has worked as a tutor and counselor at SUNY Geneseo for three years. In her time there, she helped students with their scholarship essays, admission essays, and college applications, as well as edited edTPAs.

Counseling Philosophy:

"It is important to find your voice and use it. Colleges want to know who YOU are, and what you have to offer, and showing them how incredible you are is extremely important."

Teaching Experience:

During her time at SUNY Geneseo, Katherine had tutored students and helped with various needs, such as editing and revising English essays, psychology research papers, and philosophy papers. She had also tutored ESL students and helped teach English. At UC Berkeley, Katherine had student-taught AP Literature and ELD fundamentals. Now, she is teaching AP Literature in Denison, Texas.

Educational Philosophy:

"There is no greater feeling than knowing that my students have learned, and are able to, apply the knowledge that I have taught them in later aspects of their lives. Furthermore, I would be constantly learning, constantly deepening my understanding of my teaching, my students, and my creativity."

Interesting Fact:
Katherine's first language is Russian, and she loves to play her clarinet in her free time!