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Karla Calvillo Salinas
English/Language Arts Instructor
Math/Science Instructor
Karla Cavillo Salinas.jpg


University of Texas at Austin (Radio-TV-Film, B.S.)

Teaching Experience:

During her four years of high school, Karla worked as a tutor for her classmates in many subjects and topics, including AP level classes, SAT prep, and essay writing. She also worked in study groups during university for several classes.

Educational Philosophy:

“Every student is unique, and therefore needs a unique approach to their education. I work with every student to discover what their learning style is and adapt my teaching style to fit them until we find what works best. I believe that learning how we learn is an ongoing process that requires patience, adaptability, and an open mind; helping students find out how they learn helps them want to keep on exploring new ideas, even after school is over.”

Interesting Fact:

As part of a Semester in Los Angeles program with her university, Karla interned for the production company that made Beauty and the Beast (2017), Wonder, The Muppets, and many other cool movies. Also, her birthday is the exact middle of the year.

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