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Grace Massamillo
Science Instructor
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University of Texas at Austin (Neuroscience B.S.A in progress)

Teaching Experience:

Grace has worked as part of the general chemistry  for STEM majors teaching team at UT for two years. She began her journey with the chemistry team at UT as a peer learning assistant before  becoming a teaching assistant. She also has experience in one-on-one tutoring and managing regular peer-led undergraduate study sessions for science courses at UT.

Teaching Philosophy: 

"In my own experience, two of the most valuable takeaways I was given by excellent teachers was to acknowledge and embrace difficulty and to find fun in it. When difficult courses rear their heads, it is very easy for students to be intimidated or discouraged - especially in large classrooms. However, smaller scale communication, patience, and variability/versatility in one's methods of teaching can help individualize the experience and provide a learning environment exciting to the student. It is alright for things to be hard, and sometimes, finding the quirky joys in that helps us push through it."

Interesting Fact:

Grace has conducted research abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, and worked previously in neuroscience laboratories at UT performing spinal surgeries on rodents. Additionally, she is a certified medical responder. On the other hand, she is a musician and singer (musical theatre)!

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