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Giuliana Hays-Angelelli
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor
Giuliana headshot.jpeg


Baylor University (B.A. in Philosophy, minor in Legal Reasoning and Analysis, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core)

Counseling Experience:

Giuliana worked as a Baylor experience in admissions representative for 2 1/2 years during her undergraduate time. This gave for the opportunity to learn the admissions process from the perspective of the institutions. She also worked as a teachers assistant during the last year and understands the key to crafting an impactful essay. 

Counseling Philosophy:

Giuliana is a firm believer in showcasing yourself as a well-rounded student. She focuses on academic success, but also places an emphasis on character, extracurriculars, and your hobbies. She has learned that colleges love students who succeed not only in the classroom, but out in our communities as well and she looks forward to helping you express that in your application. Giuliana also works hard to boost confidence during the application process and encourages students to aim for their dream schools. 

Teaching Experience:

Giuliana has tutored her peers throughout college in subjects ranging from history, writing, political science, Spanish, philosophy, science, math, and graduate environmental law. She worked as a Teacher’s Assistant during her final year and loves helping others learn. 

Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that the most valuable lesson in a classroom is to learn how to truth love learning. If you approach studying with a negative attitude it can hinder your potential. I love making learning an exciting experience and something you genuinely want to be doing. This passion for seeking knowledge will help you in any subject and it will make you more productive and receptive to the material.”

Interesting Fact:

Giuliana loves to spend her free time sailing and reading Plato aloud with her friends. 

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