Emily Turnage
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor


Yale University (B.A. in Literature, Distinction in the Major)

University of Texas at Austin (M.A. in Media Studies)

Counseling Experience: 

Emily has spent years reading and editing essays for college admissions applications in addition to advising undergraduate students as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Texas at Austin.


Counseling Philosophy: 

It can be difficult for students to fully express the qualities that make them unique in a college application.  I enjoy working closely with students to help them find the words to express their creativity, passion, and special qualities to college admissions teams.  It is my belief that each student's voice is already there.  Sometimes they just need a little help in order to be fully heard.

Teaching Experience:

Emily began teaching by giving softball pitching lessons in high school to young ballplayers in her community, working one-on-one with passionate students.  She also founded and ran a tutoring program designed to promote and encourage a love for reading and learning in her underserved Mississippi community.  At Yale, Emily worked as the head student library assistant, helping students with library use and research queries while overseeing and training new student workers.  At the University of Texas at Austin, Emily works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, holding office hours, grading upper-division undergraduate essays, and working one-on-one with students to improve their class performance and ensure understanding.

Educational Philosophy:

"I believe that each student is unique and learns differently.  The best learning environment is one that emphasizes an individualized approach in which the instructor can adapt to the specific needs of the individual student."

Interesting Fact:

In college, Emily spent a summer in Paris, studying French film and exploring Parisian movie theaters.