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High school is on the horizon - is your student ready for the challenge?

Elementary School Writing Programs

Fall/Spring Semester

August - December or January - May

Writing A-Z (Intermediate)

Master the following skills: understand grammar rules; learn to write better sentences; receive feedback to improve writing skills.

  • Meets once a week, for 2 hours

Summer/Winter/Spring Break

June - August

Creative Writing (Intermediate)

Master the following skills: learn literary devices and write persuasive, expository, and comparative essays, poems, literary analysis, and more!

  • Meets twice a week, for 2 hours.

Schedule TBD - please check back later!

  • These classes are part of a multi-subject academic camp. See more details about the whole camp here.


Master basic grammar rules and progress to studying advanced rhetoric, persuasive writing, and academic writing.

Schedule TBD - please check back later!

Eliminate Your Weaknesses Immediately!

Want to get additional lessons or preview school materials at your own pace? Sign up for tutoring! Your tutor will assess your problem areas and directly address them while creating a safe and positive environment for you to learn in.
You will only study and practice what you and your tutor think is necessary.